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We can stop collection calls and wage garnishments, and provide complete protection from your creditors via our debt relief solutions. Our experienced Licensed Insolvency Trustees are legally able to file all forms of debt relief. We can help relieve you of the following debts:

Chris was amazing at helping me out with my debt. I was embarrassed that I was going broke with the amount of debt that I had. He explained to me that I didn’t need to file bankruptcy and can file a consumer proposal instead. He also advised me to get a secured credit card so I could start to re-establish my credit score. The team was great and more than willing to help me reach my goal of eliminating my debt. Thanks to them, I’m officially debt free as of Feb 2023. The entire process was affordable! This place is the best at helping you get out of debt.” – Dwayne Melo

How we help you on your journey to debt freedom

Here are some of our most popular forms of debt relief:

When you are really struggling financially and need a substantial reduction of your debts, filing a consumer proposal is a good option for you. It is the legal process of proposing an affordable monthly repayment figure to your creditors. Your Licensed Insolvency Trustee will negotiate on your behalf to secure you as good a deal as possible – often consumer proposals will reduce your debts by up to 80%. Filing a consumer proposal enables you to keep your assets, and offers full protection from your creditors via a stay of proceedings. At Spergel, we have a 99% acceptance rate on any consumer proposals we file. This means that you have a 99% chance of getting your debt reduced.

Advantages of a consumer proposal

  • Avoid filing bankruptcy
  • Reduce debts by up to 80%
  • One affordable monthly payment
  • Frozen interest and penalties
  • Keep your assets, including your car and home
  • Full protection from your creditors, including an end to wage garnishments
  • Debt free in 3 to 5 years

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Bankruptcy is the best way to gain a fresh financial future in Canada. It can completely eliminate any unsecured debts and bills you have, enabling you to start afresh. Bankruptcy in Canada is the process of assigning any non-exempt assets you have over to your Licensed Insolvency Trustee who will sell them with any proceeds going towards your creditors. In exchange, you are cleared of your debts. Many Canadians decide to file bankruptcy when they are threatened with legal action including wage garnishments. 

Advantages of bankruptcy

  • A fresh financial future
  • Peace of mind, and an end to juggling multiple unmanageable debts
  • Keep some essential assets, depending on your province of residence
  • Protection from your creditors, including an end to wage garnishments
  • A cost that is not associated with the amount of debt you have
  • A countdown to debt freedom
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Why Spergel?

At Spergel, our experienced Licensed Insolvency Trustees have been helping Canadians to gain debt relief for over thirty years. We treat every individual with compassion and understanding, and all of our consultations are confidential. Unlike other bankruptcy firms, you will be assigned your very own Licensed Insolvency Trustee to walk you through the end to end debt relief process, instead of passing you from person to person. The sooner you reach out, the sooner we can help you on your journey to a fresh financial future.

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At Spergel, we have helped Canadians begin a fresh financial future for over 30 years, and we are here to help you too.

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