Debt Relief in Canada

Are you struggling to make your debt payments? Being harassed by collection calls, or threatened with a wage garnishment? Overdue on your mortgage, rent or car loan payments? Or perhaps you have become reliant on credit card debts. Debt is all too easy to become overwhelming, which can quickly lead to stress and anxiety. Your first port of call should be a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. No matter how bad you may feel your financial situation is, there is always a solution, and at Spergel, we can help you to find debt relief in Canada. We can reduce your debt by up to 80%. In fact, we have helped over 100,000 Canadians become debt free, and with just a short consultation, we will provide you with a plan to become debt free too.

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Which types of debt can we help you to clear?

Our role is to help provide you with debt relief in Canada, and quickly. We assist with the following types of debt:

Overdue or barely making your minimum payments? Taking on multiple credit cards for additional funds? We can help you to consolidate your credit card debts into a manageable monthly payment, reduce the amount by up to 80%, or clear it for good.

Tax debt is best handled quickly given the powers of the Canada Revenue Agency. Unlike other creditors, they can pursue action like wage garnishments and bank account freezes without warning. At Spergel, we will negotiate a tax debt reduction and create an affordable payment plan for you.

Payday loans can cause a lot of stress because the extortionate interest rate means your repayments can quickly become unaffordable. We are here to help you break the payday loan cycle and begin a fresh financial future.

If you finished studying at least seven years ago, you are eligible to have your government student loans discharged. We will help you to gain debt relief in Canada from long term student loan debt once and for all.

Behind on payments like car loan debts or medical or household bills? Paying sky high interest on personal bank loans? At Spergel, we can stop collection calls and wage garnishments while lowering your monthly payments.

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Your options for debt relief in Canada

No matter which financial difficulties you are facing, we will help you to get back on track. At Spergel, unlike other debt relief firms, you will be assigned your very own Licensed Insolvency Trustee to walk you through each step on your journey to gaining debt relief in Canada instead of passing you from person to person.

A consumer proposal is an increasingly popular form of debt relief in Canada. Regulated by the government, it is a legal debt settlement you make with your creditors to reduce your debt. It can reduce your debt by up to 80% while allowing you to keep your assets, including your home and car. It also offers protection from your creditors. We have a 99% acceptance rate on any consumer proposals we file.

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Bankruptcy is the legal process of becoming discharged from your debts for a fresh financial start. Any non-exempt assets you may have are assigned to your Licensed Insolvency Trustee in exchange for permanent clearance from your debts and protection from your creditors. Contrary to popular belief, bankruptcy does not mean you lose everything – many individuals can still keep their home and car.

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Other forms of debt relief in Canada

Our experienced Licensed Insolvency Trustees have been helping Canadians gain debt relief in Canada for over thirty years. No matter what your financial situation, we are here to help you find a solution. We can explore other options like bankruptcy alternatives, debt settlements, credit counselling, and debt consolidation loans.

When should you get debt relief help?

You should speak to a Licensed Insolvency Trustee as soon as you can in order to begin your journey to debt relief. You may be encountering one of the following:

  • A wage garnishment, or threats of one. We can help you to stop a wage garnishment quickly and prevent your employer sending up to 50% of your wages to your creditors.
  • Collection calls. We can put a permanent end to collection calls so that you are protected from the stress and anxiety of harassing calls by working with you on a debt relief solution. 
  • Debt problems. Perhaps you are spending beyond your means, find yourself reliant on credit cards, or are barely making your interest payments on borrowed credit. We will review your financial circumstances and recommend a debt relief pathway to give you a fresh start.

Discover how debt relief could look for you

Learn what your payments could be after you have begun your journey to debt relief at Spergel. Use our debt repayment calculator to see how you could reduce your debt by up to 80%.

Debt Repayment Calculator

Reduce your debt by up to 80%

At Spergel, we have helped Canadians begin a fresh financial future for over 30 years, and we are here to help you too.

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Choose a debt relief office near you

At Spergel, we have locations across the country for you to find debt relief in Canada. From the Greater Toronto Area to Vancouver, you can arrange a free consultation in any of our locations to suit you.

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    Gain debt relief today. You are not alone, and there is a pathway for you to gain a fresh financial start, free from the troubles of overwhelming debt. Book a free consultation with one of Spergel’s Licensed Insolvency Trustees to begin your journey to debt relief.

    Jennifer’s Path to Debt Freedom

    Jennifer heard the bankruptcy process would ruin her life – she hoped to buy a house someday and didn’t want to ruin her chances. Talking to a Licensed Insolvency Trustee HELPED Jennifer find the courage to review her options and she’s living debt-free today.

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    You are not alone.

    When bills start stacking up it is easy to fall into a state of constant worry and stress about money. You are not alone, and debt relief is available. You’d probably be surprised by the number of friends, family and neighbours who have turned to debt solutions during difficult times.

    For over 30 years, the caring team at Spergel have helped over 100,000 people discover how good it feels to be debt free.

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