Budget Hacks: Valentine’s Day Hacks to Save Money

Posted on 14 February 2019

Saving money on Valentine’s Day is as easy a few simple hacks. Stay on budget this year and don’t overspend.

Of course you want to show up for your Valentine and create a romantic day on February 14th. You can impress your date even if you’re on a tight budget. You can spend less on Valentine’s Day if you know where to find creative savings ideas. It’s easy to cut a few corners and achieve an expensive effect (with an inexpensive price tag). We’ve pulled together a few “hacks” for your Valentine’s Day budget. You owe it to yourself to reduce expenses, avoid bankruptcy, and live debt free.  

Budget Hacks: Flower Options

One of the things the floral industry banks on – is our willingness to spend money on Valentine’s Day. A dozen roses may be a lovely gesture, but they are also one of the most expensive ways to give flowers to your Valentine. One hack is to find out what other flowers your date enjoys and select a blossom that doesn’t cost as much. If your Valentine likes to garden, maybe they would appreciate a bouquet of seeds to plant in the spring as much as they would appreciate fresh cut roses right now. A gardening gift means a consistent supply of blossoms for as long as they will grow.

Budget Hacks: Dining In

Dining in is least expensive if you make everything yourself. Presentation is everything, set a nice candlelit table. Your date will probably be very impressed that you’ve cooked and prepared everything yourself. Bonus points is you’re really savvy and you pair your entrée with an inexpensive dessert. Remember, a slice of cake in a restaurant can sometimes cost as much as an entire cake at the grocery store.

Budget Hacks:  Romantic Activities on the Cheap

If you’ve got an active date and you want to impress by doing something fun for Valentine’s Day, once again, this does not have to break your budget. Winter may be chilly, but if you prepare your date in advance for an outdoor activity, you could go for a romantic skate on an outdoor rink. You could also go for a long walk, grab a to-go cup of coffee or hot chocolate and take a winter stroll together. Free doesn’t have to mean outside, you could stay in and play games together or snuggle up and watch a romantic movie. If your Valentine knows you’ve been having financial trouble, he/she will understand if you can’t afford to wine and dine or go out on a pricey date this year.

Getting Help With Debt  

Valentine’s Day is one day each year where you can save a little money, but what about the rest of the year? If you’ve been struggling with debt, your budget may need more than a little help with special occasions. If a few simple tweaks to your budget isn’t enough to get rid of your financial-related stress, we can help. If you want to avoid bankruptcy, we can review your budget to see if a consumer proposal would be an affordable option for you. Please call us to discuss 1-877-501-4321. We also offer online booking for your convenience.

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