10 Things Debt Freedom Feels Like

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Debt freedom changes lives.

Liberating yourself after a long struggle to maintain payments and juggle your money – can be compared to a lot of life’s greatest (and simplest) pleasures. At Spergel our goal is to help you discover how great debt freedom feels. We want you to know that it’s ok to get a fresh start if you’re burdened by debt and unable to repay your creditors. The Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act of Canada exists to help people who are struggling to meet their financial obligations as they become due. If you’ve been experiencing financial distress, we will review your options and help you discover a solution to eliminate financial stress in your life.

To inspire you to discover how incredible debt freedom is going to feel, here is a list of ten wonderful things that debt freedom feels like.


Debt freedom feels like taking your first sip of cool water after a long run, in very hot weather. Imagine that first sip of ice cold water going down your throat, soothing you – how it feels – debt freedom is like that.


You’ve tasted chocolate, you know how delicious it is – try to picture what it was like tasting chocolate for the very first time. Living debt free is like tasting chocolate for the very first time, every day.


You know the feeling you get when you really “nail it”? Picture yourself flawlessly diving into a pool. Everyone is watching and they applaud your perfect dive – when you become debt free and live a debt-free life, you applaud yourself.


Golf is a game of skill and practice – you can’t expect to be impressive on your first day. However, there is always a chance that some lucky golfer will hit a hole in one on their very first try. Imagine the satisfaction – debt freedom is satisfying too.


Debt freedom is peaceful like a beautiful garden. When you become debt free you stop worrying and can focus your energy on relaxation and stress-relief.


When you become debt free your wallet feels like a place you can rely on. Debt freedom feels like trusting your wallet and knowing your wallet has your back.


 Debt freedom is like never having a bad hair day. Your finances will always be at their best when you’re living debt-free. You’ll discover how great debt freedom feels and experience the confidence of living with manageable finances.


Sometimes you really need a cup of coffee. When you finally get your beverage of choice and it turns out to be a near-perfect cup – the gratitude you feel in that moment is how you’ll feel when you become debt free.


 A vacation on the beach with the sun warming your skin – you can feel this relaxed every day. When you deal with your debt problem and become debt free, you feel kissed by sunshine everywhere you go.


Debt freedom feels like you’ve given yourself the best gift ever. The benefits of your debt-free fresh start will continue to show themselves as time goes on. Improved budgeting skills, financial rebuilding tips, and most importantly – relief from interest and penalties – all of these things will help you to achieve debt freedom, and remain debt free.

If you think you’re ready to discover how great debt free feels, please feel free to book online here or call us 310-4321. You owe it to yourself!