Your Budget: 3 Ways to Save on Summer’s Final Long Weekend

Posted on 21 August 2018

Your budget – have you been budgeting this summer? The 2018 summer weather has been delightful in Ontario. We’ve been fortunate to have great weather and it’s hard to believe that the final long weekend of summer is almost here. The big question is – did you spend or save this summer?

Labour Day weekend is right around the corner and shortly after that school will be back in session for the 2018-2019 year. At this point in your summer vacation you may be feeling a bit cash-strapped with back-to-school shopping on the agenda. Why not make the final long weekend of summer an inexpensive one? Here are three ways that you can save money and still have a great time with your family before school starts.

Host a back yard party

Nothing saves on costs like bringing  the party to you. Your budget can include some basics for your guests but if you stipulate that the party is “pot luck” and “BYOB” (bring your own beverages), guests will often turn up with more than they need to enjoy themselves. A backyard barbecue with family and friends can lead to a lot of leftovers that your family can munch on all weekend. When purchasing items for your party you can also buy in bulk and save on costs for yourself.

Give the party an end of summer or back to school theme and have fun with it. If you’re planning a party for the kids, make little treat bags with dollar store items for back to school such as erasers and pencils.

Visit family members

If you didn’t visit enough family this summer, why not plan a trip to see someone over the long weekend? An overnight visit to a community you miss, or a trip to a family member’s cottage may be enough to keep your family occupied over the long weekend – while also keeping tight reigns on your budget and spending.

Visiting family will save on hotel and restaurant costs as it is likely that as a guest you will be invited to stay over and share a meal with your relatives. If your children have cousins they don’t see enough, a family visit over the long weekend could be a lot of fun for your kids and a great way to say goodbye to summer.

 Attend free events in your community

Long weekends usually bring out the best in your community. Community events are planned to keep everyone busy and promote tourism in the area. Whether it’s in your budget to stick to your own community, or spend the gas to travel to a nearby area to explore a new city or town – be sure to check with the municipality to see what they have going on for the weekend. Free concerts, arts events, and kids activities are often part of the labour day festivities for many small towns.

If you live in the GTA, while it is not free to attend the Exhibition, if you do decide to go there make sure that you find ways to cut down on the costs associated with the CNE. For example, buy a TTC family pack to save on subway/streetcar fares, bring a lunch with you to the park to save on food costs and limit your spending on games and rides. Once you’ve paid your admission to the CNE you can find many free things to explore and enjoy – try to take advantage of these attractions and steer clear of the attraction’s expensive midway.

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