The Spergel experience


We are one of the most northern offices in the Spergel network, and while Barrie is a medium-sized city, our team are proud to offer a small-town service. For us that means creating a relaxed atmosphere, operating an open-door policy, and taking extra time to make sure all of our clients feel comfortable with what they are undertaking. Our clients often feel they are at the end of their rope and that this is their last resort. Each and every person in our office is compassionate and considerate because we are dealing with such delicate situations.

We love working in Barrie because everyone is courteous and proud of their community. Our office feels like a family; we are all very close and care about each other’s success, both professionally and personally. People come into our office and see that we genuinely enjoy working together and we love what we do.

Our vision for the future is to continue to give back to the communities we work in because this is where we live too.


Appointments are available here:
Barrie, Newmarket, London