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Brampton is a wonderful, culturally diverse community and we have built a strong bond within the community over the years. We have a more casual atmosphere in our licensed insolvency trustee office, but it comes with a highly skilled set of staff with many years of experience. 

Whether you’re looking for consumer consolidation services or bankruptcy solutions in Brampton, we’re here to help!

Our office is bright and welcoming, a place where you can come to solve your financial problems and start on the road to financial stability.

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licensed insolvency trustee Brampton

First impressions are very important, and we make sure that you feel taken care of from your first phone call to your final visit. We understand that people come to see us because you are experiencing a lot of stress from your current debt issues.

Our priority is to make sure you feel the burden lift from your shoulders when you walk through our door and know that we will help you get a fresh start. We are professional and knowledgeable, and accommodating to all kinds of situations. Our team makes it a priority to treat people with respect.

Our goal is to increase people’s awareness of various debt solutions so that we can help alleviate your stress sooner. We are here to support you and get you through this challenging time.

Chris Galea – Brampton Licensed Insolvency Trustee

BBM, CPA, CA•CIRP, Licensed Insolvency Trustee


Brampton, Lawrence, Milton and Mississauga Offices
Direct Fax: (905) 602-8879
Office Phone: (905) 602-4143

Chris has been practicing insolvency for over 20 years. He obtained his Chartered Accounting designation in 1988 and qualified as a Chartered Insolvency and Restructuring Professional and a licensed Trustee in Bankruptcy in 1993. He is also a registered Credit Counsellor.

Chris has focused his practice on helping individuals who are experiencing financial difficulty extricate themselves from debt in a dignified manner. Chris brings a low-key and informal approach to a serious matter and operates a relaxed office atmosphere.

His calm and casual manner helps put people at ease instantly. His clients benefit from his many years of experience and his straightforward and stress-free approach to all problems.

Ashvin Sharma

CIRP, Licensed Insolvency Trusteey


Brampton Offices Direct Fax: (905) 874-4789 Office Phone: (905) 874-4905 Email:

Ashvin oversees our practice out of the Brampton offices. He is qualified as a Chartered Insolvency and Restructuring Professional. Ashvin brings a warm yet practical approach in helping his clients resolve their financial difficulties.

He prides himself on establishing an environment where clients feel at ease and are confident in their decisions. His clients benefit from his drive and determination to consistently provide a high-level of service to each individual.

Ashvin currently serves as the Volunteer Coordinator for Free-them, a Canadian organization committed to raising awareness about human trafficking. Ashvin is also a member of the CAIRP Media Communications Committee, which is focused on branding and increasing public knowledge of the CIRP profession.

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