The Spergel experience



The Downtown area is one of Toronto’s most vibrant neighbourhoods, and we love working in this community. Ours is one of the oldest Spergel offices, founded in 1990 by Alan Spergel himself. This office provides a relaxed, welcoming, and supportive environment, almost as if you are visiting us in our home.

We know that when our clients approach us, they are likely to be dealing with a large amount of stress. As such, we have tailored our approach making sure everyone feels at ease, s that we can begin to relieve some of the financial burden.

Clients often tell us how much they appreciate the care and support that we show them. Our compassionate nature is reflected in the way we sit and listen to your challenges and help come up with solutions to reduce your stress. We are committed to continuing our involvement within our community, so that we can continue to see the positive impact our work has right here in our backyard.

Appointments are available here:
Toronto Offices, Vaughan