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At our London office we treat everyone who walks through our door looking for help with respect, compassion, and individual attention. We want everyone to feel at ease when sharing their financial hardships.

When someone enters our office and puts their trust in our hands, we don’t take that responsibility lightly, and make sure to provide them with enough information to make the most informed decision they possibly can.

From consumer proposals to personal bankruptcy, our insolvency solutions in London are your best bet to reach financial freedom that lasts. Learn how you can leave debt behind by reading below:

Our London Licensed Insolvency Trustee (Trustee in Bankruptcy) team can help you!

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  • Personal Bankruptcy
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Trustee in Bankruptcy London

We make it our mission to understand everyone who walks into our office, as no two people are the same. We look to grow within the London community and help as many individuals as we can find the right solution to their financial difficulties.

Rob Kilner – London Licensed Insolvency Trustee (Trustee in Bankruptcy)

CIRP, Licensed Insolvency Trustee


Barrie, Newmarket and London Office
Direct Phone: (519) 902-2722
Direct Fax: (705) 722-7184

Rob is a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (Trustee in Bankruptcy) managing the Barrie, Newmarket and London offices. Prior to joining Spergel, he worked in personal and corporate insolvency matters in northern Ontario.

Rob brings a comfortable and approachable style to his practice. He is supportive of his staff and clients, and is very ambitious. He treats everyone who walks through the door to his office as he would hope he’d be treated, with the dignity and respect they deserve. He makes sure when they leave, they are at ease and confident they made the best choice for their financial future.

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If you live in the London area and are having a difficult time managing rising debt, contact our office. Our insolvency solutions in London are designed to help you leave debt behind and achieve lasting financial freedom!