The Spergel experience



There have been many changes in Peterborough over our years in business here, including the most recent expansion of the GO bus and the Parkway. As Peterborough welcomes new businesses, such as the Minute Maid factory and a downtown casino, Spergel will continue to help those new to the Peterborough community who are experiencing debt problems. We are seen as leaders in our growing community, stemming from our lengthy history in this city and long-term involvement with its people.

Our team is made up of a variety of experienced administrators, and our Trustee, Colin Boulton, was born and raised in Peterborough. He knows the history of the city and can relate to the many circumstances that people are faced with. We often receive inquiries about the types of local resources that are available to help people who are dealing with financial stress. Not only do we help you resolve your debt problems, but we also provide assistance on other items such as transportation or mobility issues and people living on pensions or social assistance. This ensures the other areas of your life that contributed to your current situation are taken care of as well.

We are located in the downtown area close to the city bus station to ensure we are accessible for those travelling from a distance. By making people aware of what’s available, we are supporting our community in so many ways. Our goal is to help make the public more aware of their options to solve their debt problems.

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