Licensed Insolvency Trustees Vaughan

If you are visiting this page, we understand that you are probably facing extreme pressure from your creditors and are feeling out of control. Our mission is to help you regain control, end the collection calls from creditors, and start you on the path to a better future. At Spergel, we can help you by:

  • Stopping creditor calls (including legal collection processes)
  • Helping you, whenever possible, to settle your debts by offering a Consumer Proposal to your creditors, thus avoiding bankruptcy, or
  • Helping you, when necessary, file a bankruptcy with the least possible disruption to your day to day life.
  • Providing guidance in rebuilding your credit-worthiness.
Trustee in Bankruptcy Vaughan

Clients often tell us how much they appreciate the fact that we truly care about them. Our caring and compassionate nature is reflected in the way we sit and listen to your challenges and help come up with debt solutions to reduce your stress.

Frank S. Kisluk – Vaughan Licensed Insolvency Trustee (Trustee in Bankruptcy)

BA, CPA, CA, Licensed Insolvency Trustee


Vaughan Direct Phone/Fax: (647) 288 7636 Email:

“For years I have taught good, honest, hard-working people – just like you – that confronting and overcoming financial problems can be the beginning of a new and positive life. You can rebuild to be more successful than you’ve ever imagined. I’ve seen it happen for nearly forty years.”

Frank has practised as a Trustee in Bankruptcy since 1977. He manages the firm’s Vaughan office, which services both consumer and business insolvencies. His practice includes a specialty in debt restructuring for individuals and corporations. He has dealt extensively with Canada Revenue Agency as a creditor in these restructurings.

Frank is the author of several books on insolvency, the most recent being “Taking Control of Your Financial Life, A Guide to Approaching and Resolving Personal Financial Problems”. He has been a frequent public speaker on insolvency-related topics, appearing on radio, television and in the print media.

Frank is a member of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario and is a charter member of The Insolvency Institute of Canada.

Frank brings to his practice a high sensitivity to the stresses that accompany financial pain. He is a good listener, has a calm and reassuring manner, and always strives to help develop the best solution for each situation.

You can learn more about your options by reading my book,

Taking Control of Your Financial Life –
A guide to approaching and resolving personal financial problems