The Spergel team


We have helped over 40,000 people gain financial freedom.

When you first walk through our doors, we make sure you feel a personal connection with us right away. To us, you are not a number or a file – we know you by your first name, and we make sure that you are guided through the entire process by the same person. We get to know you and you get to know us; we offer you as much face-to-face time as you need so that you don’t get lost in the administration loop. We are members of your community and we appreciate that every situation is unique. We understand what you are going through because we see it every single day, and we know that it can happen to anyone.

Employees are drawn to SPERGEL for the same reasons that our clients are – they know we do things differently. Our success comes down to the simple fact that we treat people with respect. We develop our relationships authentically by taking the time to get to know every member of our team. We have grown together and we support our staff by giving them the freedom and autonomy they need to grow their own career. Their values become our values, and those values are echoed in everything that we do.