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At Spergel, we’re with you every step of the way through your bankruptcy or consumer proposal journey. For more than 30 years, over 100,000 Canadians have relied on Spergel, the ‘get rid of debt’ people, for our personalized approach to debt relief. It’s what we do.

Below, we share stories of individuals we’ve helped on their journey to a fresh financial start. You owe it to yourself!

Spergel have helped over 100,000 Canadians discover how good it feels to be debt free.

Veteran to financial stability

A veteran’s path to financial stability (Richard’s story)

Richard, a 54-year-old soldier from Saskatoon, SK, found himself struggling with debt as he neared retirement. Despite a long and commendable career with the Department of National Defence, a series of personal and financial hardships left him unable to meet his financial obligations. After discovering Spergel, the ‘get rid of debt’ people through an online search, Richard sought our expertise to find a solution that would allow him to manage his debts while transitioning into retirement with peace of mind.

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From cryptocurrency debt to financial triumph (Alex’s Story)

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency investing, the promise of overnight wealth often lures individuals into a whirlwind of excitement and speculation. For Alex Carpenter, a 32-year-old IT professional from Toronto, the allure of this digital gold rush proved irresistible. Like many others caught up in the frenzy, Alex found himself riding the wave of optimism, investing heavily in various cryptocurrencies during the peak of the market boom. As quickly as fortunes were made, however, they were lost. When the cryptocurrency market took a sharp downturn, Alex found himself facing a harsh reality: substantial debt and financial distress. Faced with this daunting challenge, Alex embarked on a path towards financial freedom with the help of Spergel, the ‘get rid of debt’ people.

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Alex's cryptocurrency debt
Breaking the debt trap

Breaking Free: Escaping the Debt Trap with Spergel (Jennifer’s Story)

In the bustling city of Mississauga, amidst the daily hustle and bustle, Jennifer and her husband found themselves ensnared in what seemed like an overwhelming financial quagmire. Despite their relentless efforts, a plethora of loans had amassed, shrouding their aspirations for financial security in doubt. However, amidst the tumult, a beacon of hope emerged in the form of Spergel, the Licensed Insolvency Trustees. With unwavering determination, invaluable guidance, and the expertise of Spergel, Jennifer and her husband embarked on a transformative journey towards financial liberation. Their narrative transcends from one of adversity to one of triumph, showcasing the path they forged towards a brighter tomorrow. This is their remarkable success story.

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From Tax Debt to Financial Stability with Spergel (Jordan’s story)

Meet Jordan, a 40-year old freelance graphic designer from Thunder Bay, ON, who found himself overwhelmed with tax debt following several years of misunderstanding how to properly file his taxes. With the freedom that came with freelancing, Jordan enjoyed his career but neglected his fiscal responsibilities, leading to an accumulation of unpaid taxes and penalties, amounting to $30,000.

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Jordan's success story

Transforming FOMO into Financial Freedom: A Budget-Friendly Social Solution (Mia’s Story)

New mom, Mia, was struggling to keep up with her friends and their expensive social events. Worried about admitting her financial challenges, our team provided support and suggested alternatives. As a result, open financial conversations were encouraged. Mia’s friends admitted that they too were struggling financially, and as a result they switched up their plans for less expensive alternatives. It got the group talking and Mia saved plenty of dollars as a result.

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From Budgeting Pro to Financial Freedom: a Tale of Tracking Spending and Creating Big Savings (Sarah’s Story)

Sarah came to us with financial struggles, wondering why she wasn’t seeming to get on top of her debts. Despite feeling confident she knew budgeting, she wasn’t tracking her spending. One of our credit counsellors took a look at her finances in detail, and suggested she track her spending. Sarah agreed to give it a go, and realized she was spending a lot of money on unnecessary items. She was quickly able to save hundreds of dollars, and hasn’t looked back since.

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David's story

From Overwhelming Debt to Financial Freedom: David’s Bankruptcy Success Story

Meet David, a Toronto resident who, after serving time in prison, found himself facing a mountain of debt upon release. Uncertain about the best path forward, David reached out to Spergel, one of Canada’s leading insolvency firms (the ‘get rid of debt’ people), to explore his options and regain control of his financial future.

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From Financial Crisis to Renewed Hope: Spergel Helps Chelsey to Overcome Her Husband’s Financial Infidelity

Chelsey came to us when she faced a financial storm that threatened to shatter the stability she had built over the years. With $200,000 in the bank, a mortgage-free condo, and what appeared to be a secure financial future, Chelsey’s life took an unexpected turn when she discovered the devastating effects of her husband’s financial infidelity. Spergel became the beacon of hope in Chelsey’s darkest hour.

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Chelsey's story

Empathetic Resolution for a Vulnerable Client: Spergel Helps Mrs. Smith Tackle Her High Interest Loan (Mrs. Smith’s Story)

Mrs Smith is a 68-year old woman with a learning disability, living independently in Saskatoon, SK. She found herself in a dire financial situation after unknowingly taking out a loan with an exorbitant interest rate of 40%. Confused by the loan terms when signing for the loan, Mrs. Smith felt embarrassed and overwhelmed by the circumstances, especially given her limited financial literacy. She turned to Spergel when she felt panicked and did not know where to turn next.

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Turning Fraud-Fueled Financial Struggles Into Success: How Spergel Helped John

Discover how John, a Kingston resident, overcame financial adversity, including a $40,000 fraud loss and a $10,000 line of credit debt, with the support of Spergel. Despite initial setbacks with the RCMP, John found hope and a path to financial stability through strategic debt management and expert guidance from Spergel.

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John's success story

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