We Focus on Your Best Financial Future

Our personalized debt solutions will stop the cycle of paying for past debts so that you can focus on building a stronger financial future.

At Spergel we stand out from the crowd with our personalized approach and 30 years of experience. The same person from our local, caring team will remain your point of contact during your bankruptcy or consumer proposal. We won’t surprise you with calls from staff you have never dealt with before or pass you from one department to another.

We take debt freedom very seriously and believe in helping people reclaim their lives without the crushing weight of past debt. We will answer all of your debt questions and provide you with options that really work.

If you share your story with us, we will share our expertise with you to find the right solution. Start living for your future – you owe it to yourself.

For 30 years, the caring team at Spergel have helped over 100,000 people discover how good it feels to be debt free.

Mr. Spergel

A Past Spent Bettering Futures

Founded by Alan Spergel 30 years ago, our company began with a simple mission: to treat people with respect and compassion. Alan envisioned a place where excellent client service would be paramount and people would feel welcome to address their debt problems. Over the years Alan’s vision has become a reality that is supported wholeheartedly by each of our trustees and every member of our dedicated staff, many of whom have been with us since we first opened.

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Dedicated Personal Debt Solutions

When you first walk through our doors or call us, we make sure you feel a personal connection with us right away. To us, you are not a number or a file – we know you by your first name, and we make sure that you are guided through the entire process by the same person. Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees really take the time to listen to your story and understand your needs.

We understand what you are going through because we see it every single day, and we know that it can happen to anyone.

Search locations for a Canadian Licensed Insolvency Trustee near me
Search locations for a Canadian Licensed Insolvency Trustee near me

At Spergel our locations are open evenings and weekends to accommodate your schedule. Meet or call one of our knowledgeable Licensed Insolvency Trustees to discuss debt help.

You can book a free consultation at any of our 30+ locations or give us a call anytime. We are here to listen to your debt story and help you discover debt freedom. Finding your nearest office is as easy as clicking on the link below.

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Spergel’s History

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  • Alan Spergel Opens an Insolvency Practice

    Alan Spergel opens Mandelbaum Spergel Inc. located at 200 Consumers Road. The insolvency practice provides both consumer and corporate insolvency services, and Alan hires a part-time secretary as his only employee.

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  • First Satellite Office

    Mandelbaum Spergel Inc. opens its first satellite office at 307A Danforth Avenue, above a restaurant. The office remains one of the company’s locations to date.

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  • Head Office Relocates to 505 Consumers Road

    Mandelbaum Spergel Inc. moves to 505 Consumers Road. Alan hires Trustee Carl Ritchie to oversee the consumer insolvency division and Trustees Chris Galea and Colin Boulton to further expand the practice to Mississauga and Oshawa, respectively.

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  • CAIRP Representative, Alan Spergel Called to Government Senate Committee Hearing

    Spergel President and Founder, Alan Spergel, represents the Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals (CAIRP) at a Government Senate Committee hearing for the BIA (Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act).

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  • Alan Spergel Gives Evidence at Bankruptcy Court in Turin, Italy

    As the court appointed Monitor, and subsequent Receiver, under a CCAA proceeding, Alan is called to testify at Bankruptcy Court in Turin, Italy on behalf of American Sensors.

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  • Consumer Practice Growth

    Trustee Jeff Adiken joins the firm and eventually takes over oversight of the consumer practice from Carl Ritchie.

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  • Mandelbaum Spergel Inc. Records 184 Consumer Filings in ONE MONTH

    The consumer insolvency group files a record 184 insolvency filings in a month.

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  • Expansion to Hamilton

    Trustee Trevor Pringle joins the firm and opens offices providing both consumer and corporate insolvency services in Hamilton and surrounding areas.

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  • Alan Spergel Appointed Chairperson of CAIRP

    President and Founder, Alan Spergel, appointed Chairperson of the Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals, and oversees the drafting and approval of regulatory changes to the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA) in 2009.

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  • Name Change to MSI Spergel Inc.

    Mandelbaum Spergel Inc. changes its name to MSI Spergel Inc. and develops the red dots as its logo.

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  • 20 Years in Business

    Mandelbaum Spergel Inc. celebrates 20 years in business, with over 20 offices covering all of Ontario. Alan’s daughter, Gillian Goldblatt, joins the firm and goes on become a Trustee.

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  • Independent Canadian Insolvency Network (ICIN)

    Alan Spergel starts a national network of 8 independent insolvency practitioners to refer consumer insolvency business across the country. The network eventually grows to 13 members across Canada.

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  • Northern Ontario Expansion

    Trustee Rob Kilner joins the firm and takes over the Northern Ontario region.

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  • ICIN Joins the Global Restructuring & Insolvency Practitioners (GRIP) Network

    ICIN joins a global network of independent insolvency firms to refer corporate restructuring and insolvency business. GRIP stretches from North America to Europe to Australia & Asia with over 45 firms.

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  • Growing Practice Sees New Trustees Added

    The firm opens its first office in downtown Toronto at 120 Adelaide St. West. Trustee Mukul Manchanda joins the firm to expand the corporate insolvency practice and goes on to oversee the firm’s corporate insolvency group. Chris Galea’s daughter, Samantha, joins the firm and goes on to become a Trustee.

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  • 30 Years in Business and Expansion to British Columbia

    The firm celebrates 30 years in business and Trustee Ashvin Sharma, who started with the firm as a student in 2009, moves to B.C. to expand the firm to the West Coast.

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  • Consumer Insolvency Moves to Virtual Meetings

    In response to the COVID pandemic, the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy allows Trustees to provide services virtually, greatly expanding a Trustee’s ability to see clients. The firm hires Trustee Graeme Hamilton to take over the Downtown Toronto practice.

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  • Spergel Receives Accredited Business Status from the Better Business Bureau

    Better Business Bureau Canada recognizes Spergel for their commitment to ethical and trustworthy service, awarding the firm the BBB Accredited Business Seal.

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  • Gillian Goldblatt Appointed President of OAIRP

    Spergel Partner, Gillian Goldblatt, is appointed President of the Ontario Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals (OAIRP), which educates, supports, and advocates on behalf of all Ontario Licensed Insolvency Professionals (LITs).

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  • A New Head Office for a National Firm

    With the addition of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, and Nova Scotia, the firm becomes a national insolvency firm and moves its head office to 200 Yorkland Blvd, Suite 1100, Toronto.

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  • Firm Achieves 2,750+ 5-star Reviews

    The firm achieves and surpasses 2,750 publicly-facing 5-star Google and TrustPilot reviews, a testament to the firm’s commitment to providing exceptional debt-relief services for all Canadians.

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Let us help you discover how good it feels to be debt free

Allow a Spergel Licensed Insolvency Trustee to help you get a financial fresh start. We want to help you discover the debt solutions that will help you live a debt free future. With our service commitment to you, you really do owe it to yourself to give us a call and ask for help.

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